Real Estate

Hyrmas International Company has adopted creative strategic thinking and future visions aimed at consolidating a renewed real estate development philosophy in a professional manner that meets the aspirations of the citizen in modern housing needs.

Best Real Estate projects

Over the past few years, the company has implemented many real estate projects in the cities of Makkah Al Mukarramah and Jeddah, and the projects have varied between implementing and selling buildings, duplex villas, and small-sized residential complexes. Over the years, the company
has mastered the activation and application of all quality standards, and has devoted itself to creativity and innovation in the selection and implementation of modern designs and decorations. This significant amount of investment in real estate development and construction has provided the expertise necessary for the executive team of Hyrmas International to move forward into the building sector specializing in diverse areas including infrastructure and building construction to set up factories.


The following are some of the projects executed and completed on time by HIC:

  • Rabig cement factory - execution of construction of energy services project for the factory and its premises such as the construction of huge fuel tanks and related services.
  • Construction of giant crusher bases and raw material mills in many crushers in Makkah AlMukarramah region - in addition to maintenance contracts.
  • Execution of public utilities such as paving of roads, establishing green areas and building communication towers.

Ready Real Estates

  • In 2018 HIC done 50 of residential units implemented
  • In 2020 HIC done 80 of residential units implemented
  • In 2021 HIC done 100 of residential units implemented
  • In 2022 HIC done 120 of residential units implemented
  • In 2022 HIC done 150 of residential units implemented
  • In 2023 HIC done 210 of residential units implemented

We have may different  apartment for sale with modern design.  We apply international methods in our real estate projects.

Questions about service

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02. Where are Real Estate locations?

We have several locations in Makkak , Jeddah and … 

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